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Wikipedia Logo Iseren by conlangs Wikipedia Logo Iseren :iconconlangs:conlangs 3 1 Common Nouns In Siileg Xinag by conlangs Common Nouns In Siileg Xinag :iconconlangs:conlangs 3 2 Siileg Language IPA by conlangs Siileg Language IPA :iconconlangs:conlangs 4 3
Cuss Words in Iseren
Fuck _ – _ aa mutíila
Dáa aa mutíila! – Fuck you!
Talk shit – Kil sk'iilaa
Ásgé dánga Attack on Titan kilgang sk'iilaa. – I heard you’re talking shit about Attack on Titan.
Dumbass – Nahiin
Áatl’an nahiin staaygwii án jigán. – This dumbass shot himself in the foot.
Fuck off – Ts'ah ts'ah
Ts'ah ts'ah, Jáan! – Fuck off, John!
Bitch – Iljuuskán/ Iljuuskánii (Vocative)
K’uud xutl’lxidii, iljuuskánii. – Drink bleach, bitch.
:iconconlangs:conlangs 4 8
New Avatar by conlangs New Avatar :iconconlangs:conlangs 1 3 American Horror Story quotes in Siilek by conlangs American Horror Story quotes in Siilek :iconconlangs:conlangs 1 4
Random Sentences in Siilek
The wasps buzzed around.
Kunwiłsu tsramł. [kuwiɬsu tʂamɬ]
[kun]-[wił]-[su] [tsra]-[mł]
[buzz]-[3-PL-PST]-[FREQ] [wasp]-[NOM-DEF-PL]
Alex killed the chicken that will be eaten.
Chiitił gazhiim sałyaqu’óh Alex. [t͡ʃiːtiɬ ɣaʒiːm saɬjaquʔox aleks]
[chiiti]-[ł] [gazhii]-[m] [sał]-[yaqu]-[’óh] [Alex]
[kill]-[3-SG-PST] [chicken]-[DEF-SG] [eat]-[FUT-PTCL]-[PASS] [Alex]
Hopefully, I will win the game.
Néekayash éłm. [neːkajaʃ eɬm]
[néeka]-[yash] [éł]-[m]
[win]-[1-SG-OPT] [game]-[DEF-SG]
:iconconlangs:conlangs 3 0
Siilek Language by conlangs Siilek Language :iconconlangs:conlangs 4 0
Scary Short Stories in Iseren
I always thought my cat had a staring problem - she always seemed fixated on my face. Until one day, when I realized that she was always looking just behind me.
Xháa, díina ts´n díi dúujaay hlk´yáan skáw daagajax´w – Láa ts´n díi xáng´ii naying skaagiijax´w. Siingwii sgun, díi k´aahlkiixagas éihl láa ts´n díitáx didguu gyaayga kingjáan.
There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.
Niijang hl k´aahl díi sdlxiigandéi íijgán. Díi gúnxaa xíinaang.
:iconconlangs:conlangs 4 3
Demonstratives in Iseren by conlangs Demonstratives in Iseren :iconconlangs:conlangs 5 0 Kinship in Iseren by conlangs Kinship in Iseren :iconconlangs:conlangs 5 6
Harry Potter in Iseren
    Dumbledore “dáa sk’at’uuga gaaxiiyuugang,” suugán. Gám xál daahlgahlgán gaa'uu gám xál ga'adxaanuu ts'aaagulgán éihl aa Harry xál tstl´anjuuda tl’lljuu. Xál huu dlaayajáan, amts’uxan k’aaxadajáan. “Dáa gaaxiiyuugang stl'aay taad aa dáng dáa gaaydiisaang k’udwaldéi éihl náa gaandangang.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter ´at Ts'a
:iconconlangs:conlangs 2 0
Cases in Iseren by conlangs Cases in Iseren :iconconlangs:conlangs 6 6 Food in Aika by conlangs Food in Aika :iconconlangs:conlangs 5 3 Let It Go in Iseren by conlangs Let It Go in Iseren :iconconlangs:conlangs 6 0 Aika and Iseren Alphabets by conlangs Aika and Iseren Alphabets :iconconlangs:conlangs 4 3


I'm merging my accounts because it's just easier to manage than having three separate accounts, and also now I have enough points to get a premium membership, but only enough for one account. I'll now submit all my things to this account :iconkwuus: and I'll eventually transfer my things over there. 


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djsc2012 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello !
I just found you in the Conlangers group and I saw your gallery.
Well, first of all, it's incredible! You're really talented for this :)

Now, I saw you have been working in a Minecraft world that works like a country where they speak your conlang. This is great! I have been doing the same thing with a friend xD. We started our world 3~4 years ago (It has 2 countries and 2 conlangs) and this is the first time I find someone doing the same.
Just wanted to let you know... if you want to talk about it someday, we could share ideas or something (?).
See you !
conlangs Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Si quieres, puedo añadirte a mi server de Minecraft cuando lo termino. Tengo las Américas y Europa del Oeste y un poquito de Asia. Mis amigos tienen el resto.

Todos nosotros estamos tratando de conseguir algunas persona a nuestro lado porque vamos a tener una guerra mundial. :D (Big Grin) 

I saw you were Venezuelan and I need to practice my Spanish, so sorry if my Spanish is bad.(You have no idea how bad foreign language programs are in US schoolsSweating a little...).
djsc2012 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I just read you...
Let's see your answers xD :
1. Yes, Wikipedia helps a lot, especially with the IPA and grammar things. Just in case you were wondering, I haven't uploaded anything about my conlangs to DeviantART, it's kind of a personal project (I could talk about it but I don't want to make it 100% public... at least, yet xDD).
2. I love your map! To be honest, I rarelly play on servers (first of all and just between us, my MC version it's not the "legal" one; I could play with it on a server but I don't want to get someone in trouble). I could try later but as I have already said, I won't be able to be online everyday or long enough to help you, sorry for this :/
3. Yes, I'm from Venezuela. Don't worry, your Spanish it's good [and better than my English xDD]. If you want to practice it would be great to help you (I love natural languages as much as I love conlangs!)
conlangs Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
1. Why don't you wanna make it public?
2. Thanks. I don't think playing on peoples servers without buying it will get them in trouble.
3. Thanks again. My dad's from Mexico and I was born there too, but he rarely ever speaks to me in Spanish yet still expects me to be fluent in it.CURSE YOU! 
(1 Reply)
conlangs Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks. I've been conlanging since I was 12(I'm 16 now) and my first languages were very rudimentary, but over time I've gotten better thanks to wikipedia.

The computer I had the world on got corrupted so I lost the world. I'm building a Minecraft version of Earth that I'll open up a server on here ->… and I think the area were Iseren will come from will be near Kugaaruk in Northeastern Nunavut(on the mainland). I'll publish a picture of the area on here soon.

forester10 Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
forester10 Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
I think you made a mistake, the most recent conlang you are working on is siilek, but on some of your art you put siileg instead of siilek, what's the diffrence?
conlangs Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I changed the conglang and I changed its name to fit the change.
forester10 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Is Isren and siilek polysynthetic? (Sory if I spell ur conlangs wrong)
conlangs Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Neither of them are polysynthetic. Siilek is more synthetic than Iseren though.

English: I eat it.
Iseren: Díina náa gatáangang./Gatáangganghláaxál. (Iseren can cliticize pronouns like spanish, but also on finite verbs, e.g. "tiene que irese")
Siilek: Sałsh hú.
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